Namibia: the endless dusty roads

Hitting the dust is always a great experience. Usually, you slow down because you are aware of all the dangers this kind of road involves. You can find rocks, holes, slippery parts, animals and more.

Well, this doesn’t happen in Namibia, where over 36.000 km of roads are made by gravel, earth-graded or salt. And they are mostly straight. Endlessly straight.

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Victoria Falls, Zambia’s top adventure

There is no consensus on a list of seven natural wonders of the world, but Victoria Falls is apparently there and well, you can tell me your opinion after this post.

Vic Falls presents a spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur on the Zambezi River, forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Continue reading

25th Birthday. Statistics of my life & Thanks!

Today apparently I’m turning 25. A quarter of century.

First of all – because this post is going on my fb wall – well, thanks guys. Thanks to everybody who has lived a little piece of my life till here since the very beginning. I hope that little piece was as full of epicness as it was for me!

I’ve met sooooo many people that I cannot even count all of them. I wonder if they are more or less than 10.000.

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100th Post: Photolog’s top 20 photos.

Here it comes apparently. This blog, born in the 2010,  has arrived to the post number 100!

I thought it was appropriate to have a list, a sort of “Top 20” of my photos. You may ask, “how the hell have you chosen the first and the others?”. Well, it was a complex algorithm made by “days as a screensaver”, “number of friends bothered with this photo” “interest from random people” and so on. Continue reading