Today apparently I’m turning 25. A quarter of century.

First of all – because this post is going on my fb wall – well, thanks guys. Thanks to everybody who has lived a little piece of my life till here since the very beginning. I hope that little piece was as full of epicness as it was for me!

I’ve met sooooo many people that I cannot even count all of them. I wonder if they are more or less than 10.000.

So what is this post about?

Well, I’ve always loved to derive stats out of things, but I’ve never tried to derive some stats about my life. This blog has started as a diary after all. A travel diary or something like that. So let me try to give myself and you a shower of stats about my life – that could be useful at the 50th milestone (if the World doesn’t end before that)?

  • 25 years old: 9132 days after, 13.150.080 minutes alive more or less.
  • Heart beats: considering an average of 80 heart beats per minute, that awesome muscle has done so far. Impressive! I wish you a trillion of these beats!
  • I’ve spent 6 years without a memory (more or less), 18 years studying and 1 year working.
  • I’ve travelled to 4 continents so far (and I’ve also lived in every one of them): Europe, Oceania (2012), Asia (2013), Africa (2014). I’ve lived specifically in: Udine, San Lorenzo Isontino, Milano, Melbourne, Bangalore, Bruxelles, Cape Town.
  • Run, swim, mtb, at least 721km since August 2014.
  • Completed two bucket list objectives:
    • Photograph the Everest (2013)
    • Visit Australia (2012)
  • High school Diploma with 76/100, Bachelor with 95/110, MSc with 106/110. Probably I’ve found my way for the moment, at least according to my school grads.
  • Took at least 67.375 photos since January 2010. Let’s say around 2014 days till now, an awesome average of 33,45 photos per day. WHAT.
  • Played piano almost professionally for 2 years, performed at 1 real concert (may 2009) and at an average of 2 “play” per year in the 13 years before.
  • Changed a portable computer every 2 years and 1 month in the last 5 years, due to overuse principally.
  • My first real phone was a Nokia 3410. After that, I had 3 phones in the last 5 years, plus other 4 in the 5 years before. Summing up, 7 phone in 10 years. Kind of 1 phone every year and a half.
  • I would say, as per my mood while awake – more than 60% of the time I’ve been smiling/happy/excited, 25% thinking, 10% bored/tired, 4,99% sad, 0,01% angry. People who has seen me angry I think they are still remembering it! Sorry!
  • I’ve had 2 cars. First love – Opel Corsa 1.2 (2008), sold to my bru now. Second love, Mercedes E class, 280 W124 (1995), bought here in Cape Town. I’ve done 82.450 km or something around that with the first one and at today, 5.170 km with the second one. Not considering the driving school and the km done with rented cars and other cars, there are 2451 day since I’ve obtained my driving license. An average of 35,74 km per day.
  • I’ve scuba dived 11 times (+1 introductory in my life). Warmest water was 27°C (Andaman Islands 2013), coldest 9°C (Cape Town 2015)
  • I’ve learned how to drive a motorbike in India 2013. (Sort of) Learned how to drive a little boat (less than 40HP) thanks to Alessandro in 2011.
  • My longest standing friendship is dated back to 1997 – 18 years ago, thanks to Luca.
  • Done 2 internships, obtained 3 job offers, started one job. Longest time in a company so far 4 months + 4 months (8 months – OurHood).
  • Longest standing relationship: 2787 days, with Cristina.
  • 1647 Friends on Facebook , 243 followers on Twitter and 329 on Instagram + 531 connections on LinkedIn and 1 FB page with 323 likes.
  • 1 favourite sentence/quote: “Why not?” (2009), evolved in “Be the change you wish to see in the World” (2014)
  • 1 website
  • 47 minutes to write down this post.

If you have arrived till here it means that either you care about me or you are quite avid of useless information: no worries it is quite common behaviour nowadays.

I’d add just one more thing, or better, the most important statistic. 3 people have been in my life 100% of the time (actually one only 84% of my life, but he’s excused), they were there every single one of those heart beats. I would have never been what I’m now without the constant support of my Family.

Grazie, Mamma, Papà e Martino. Vi voglio bene.


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