This is the much needed farewell to a friend that has supported me in the last year and 11 months: the Merc E280.
Born in 1995 – Malmesbury (WC), the Mercedes – Benz W124 E280 has been my faithful friend. Here I drop some stats about our journey together:

  • 695 days together, 23 months;
  • Bought at 115.115km and sold at 143.690km;
  • 28.575,00 km together;
  • An average of 41,12 km per day;
  • Furthest journey from home: Port Nolloth (July 2015 – with Vittorio) – 706km one way;
  • Furthest weekend travel made: Port Nolloth (July 2015 – with Vittorio) – 1580km;
  • Longest weekend travel made: Garden Route (November 2016 – with Cristina) – 5 days;
  • Most visited place (outside Cape Town): Cederberg – 4 times
  • Max speed reached (unofficial): 203km/h;
  • Number of tyres changed: 6
  • Personal best on tyre change (from boot to boot): 7’56”.
  • Number of people carried: a lot of Italians, South Africans, Dutch, French, Germans and so on.

Nightime show

Daytime show


Goin’ places

Long life to you my friend,

“We’ve come a long way, from where we began

Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again

When I see you again.”

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