100th Post: Photolog’s top 20 photos.

Here it comes apparently. This blog, born in the 2010,  has arrived to the post number 100!

I thought it was appropriate to have a list, a sort of “Top 20” of my photos. You may ask, “how the hell have you chosen the first and the others?”. Well, it was a complex algorithm made by “days as a screensaver”, “number of friends bothered with this photo” “interest from random people” and so on. Continue reading

Everest Panorama Trek – The top of the world

Trek with Trekking Team
Nepal. Agosto 2013.

Camminando su questi stretti sentieri sassosi, con un leggero velo di pioggia che nasconde le montagne più lontane (o forse di sudore che oscura la vista), inizio a capire il rispetto che provano queste persone per questo luogo.

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