I’ve stopped over in Dubai exactly 9 times before finding the time to step out of the airport and explore this beautiful city.

Here we go – you can find below a brief post about this quick adventure.

Arrived around 1:45 am (local time), we had a 8h stopover. So, why should we sleep, when there is the possibility to visit a new city?

My brother and I took a cab from the airport, jumping in a quite italian way the queue (a long queue – sorry, we are not really proud of this, but we hadn’t so much time).  We had a mission – find out if some Dubai facts were true.

Fact 1) Dubai is full of super-expensive cars: TRUE. Heading out from the airport, at 3am, on a night between Sunday and Monday we saw a “La Ferrari“. Then a Lamborghini Veneno. Then this Porsche 6.0 roared in front of us. Nice.


Fact 2) In Dubai there’s always blue sky: FALSE. Ok it was rare, but we were there just after a rainfall, hence the sky was cloudy. Check out the pics at fact 3!

Fact 3) Burj Khalifa is much taller than what appears in friends’ selfies. TRUE. Ok, we have seen some selfies which were kind of not representing correctly the building. That tower is awesomely tall from the right perspective. It’s like a sword in the sky. Or a lightsaber, if you prefer.

Fact 4) Burj Al-Arab is magnificent during the night. FALSE. We were there in the hearth of the night and… it was off. Really disappointed but well done Dubai, at least we are saving some energy for future generations! Being green & smart starts from these little things. “Little”.


Fact 5) Visa guys are not friendly: FALSE. They gave us candies.

Fact 6) You can sleep at Dubai International Airport: FALSE. And you cannot sleep on the 9.30h flight after, hence consider twice after doing this random trip.

(To let you know the cost of this trip – We spent 230 AED of cab to visit in 2h – Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina and Burj Al-Arab).

Next time I’ll try to discover Dubai also by day. Let’s see if there is something more!

To be continued..


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