As the title is paraphrasing the famous novel by Remarque, on the Linzer front nothing has changed since lockdown January. A bit less restrictions but still, a lockdown February. Nonetheless, walking and photoshooting was still an option and hence, some more Winter material for the eyes together with a note to remember.

It was a February made of snow, cold, winter & intense emotions.

Let’s start with this interesting contraposition: get the change between these two type of landscapes, winter vs spring, cold vs warm, white vs green. Nonetheless, both of them do represent the feeling of happiness.

Within one landscape, you can also explore the double side of a change: colorful vs dark, orange vs blue and this is the perfect match for the concept of “you will not know the entire story until you see all the point of views”.

Was that all? No. It is worth to remember that February, and especially the 4th of February was World Cancer Day.

As I mentioned, emotions & feelings were particularly strong especially during the beginning of this month. No pictures on that occasion though, just one more that a posteriori, means everything.

Indeed, the following picture is in memory of who fought really hard but couldn’t win this strenuous battle.

In memory.

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