The beginning of 2021 has been different than what we were awaiting. Or better, we were just setting our expectations poorly. This month that has passed so quickly has been as December was (or even November), just with (a lot) more snow.

Deep in the forest or Linz?

Indeed, snowy photos were quite a must, but all of them where shot around the Froschberg neighbourhood, here in Linz. Indeed, lockdown means you cannot go that far without a good reason.

But then, what else happened? Dramatic sunsets in both Linz..

The Blue Donau view of Linz, as from the Tower in Freinberg.

.. and Vienna.

Shot from Wien Westbahnhof

Still, among the two Austrian cities, Linz won.

Captured in the Freinberg park

Nonetheless, we started 2021 strong and cheered to this New Year through the noble art of sabering (two times!).

A more detailed guide will come in the next few posts, stay tuned! 🙂

Sabering is NOOOICE

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