Yes, March is gone, but what did we do? What was achieved throughout this third month of the year? Basically not so much, photographically speaking. We have been around the homebase for most of the time, awaiting and planning for a greater summer. Nonetheless, some quick & dirty shooting was made..

For example, during Earth Hour 2021, there was the opportunity to videolapse a bit the majestic full Moon as seen as from Austria.

Earth Hour 2021 – full Moon from Linz, Austria

Nonetheless, you could also find some random quick picture done throughout the month. Colors were the main theme – from limoncello making to sunsetting – all about colors.

Highlight of the month was the fact that I managed to test some very very pro videographic & photographic equipment we use at work. Indeed, below you can see me doing epic things with epic equipment – thank you very much to Theodore, Christina & all the Runtastic Media & Brand team for letting me play around with all these tools!

That was about it for March. Ah wait, let me give you another moon shot, just more picturesque.

To the next, hopefully more springish vibes, month.

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