This is the kind of hike you will love to do if you want to reach a spectacular viewpoint over the whole Cape Town scenery.

Name: Devil’s Peak

Difficulty: Medium

Terrain: very well maintained path, occasionally rocks and some vegetation in the last part.

Ascent time: 1h30 mins with a medium pace

Descent time: 1h15 mins with a medium pace

Distance: around 5,5km back and forth

To do before/to bring:

  • To do: check via a live webcam if there are clouds on top (or if they are approaching). You can find a good webcam by clicking here. 
  • To bring: usually it’s really windy and kind of cold up there. Bring a sweater to not be caught in the cold wind.


Starting from Tafelberg road, drive past the lower cable station and move after the ascent via Platteklip Gorge, you will find a parking with several trees. That’s your stop!


The ascent will start gradually and the first part is tough, but not impossible. At a certain point you will be asked to choose direction: follow the Devil’s Peak sign to get on the top.

Here it will start the toughest part, the part where you have the peak that close, but the average steepness increases brutally. You will be forced to choose one of the many paths, but rest assured that all of them are leading to the big mountain ahead! You’ll not get lost if you have always the peak in mind!

As soon as you reach the first (lower peak) from there is going to be other 15 minutes to get on the top, but don’t be scared, it’s really feasable. And then, you will be delighted with such views:


So what are you waiting for? Get up and enjoy this Hike!



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