Writing about AfrikaBurn is always a difficult task.

You can talk about the experience itself as much as you want, but you’ll never be able to fully understand AfrikaBurn till you’ll be there at least once.

Hence there is no need to use words. Only photographs: they will try to better explain my feelings toward AB. And some good vibes. Click here to listen to them while looking at the pictures (Music coming from the Spirit Train – that Dragon machine in the first photo).

I should do one little mention about one particular topic: Time.

Time is in my opinion the most important power in this universe. Nobody is able to escape from it. We all have a pre-determined duration, the only way that is distinguish us, is how we spend the time in between the end and the creation.

Sometimes we are too busy to fully appreciated what we are doing, in a constant hurry that will never give us the possibility to enjoy this gift. Time has also been constrincted by social boundaries. Lunch at midday, dinner at 7pm etc, giving you a safer routine.

What AB taught me is that Time is there, but sometimes is not that important. When you want to eat, you eat, when you want to sleep, you sleep. Time is obviously passing, but you are actually not caring. Not having a phone nor a clock, you are just free from those limits placed by the society.

Eventually, time will always win though. It’s really important to stop a moment and decide how to correctly spend your time. Remember, we all will be only ashes one day. So, how did you spend your time today?

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn

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