This is a Travel Adventure by Luca & Vittorio. We did 1580 km in 2 days, from Cape Town (Western Cape) till Port Nolloth (Northern Cape) in 2 days. Official excuse was “we don’t have internet at home so we go on a photographic trip”. That trip actually became a sandboarding, driving, exploring trip across the Northern Cape.

Enjoy the video!

But are you maybe interested in some pictures?

Check this out! Vittorio taught me how to use correctly Adobe Lightroom – et voilà. I found what I was missing in all my previous photographs. Quality has improved, and I’ve started to experience new techniques.

Yes Vittorio is actually this guy here:

Shooting the long way

And my car is this girl here:


Aren’t her eyes beautiful?

Ok sorry, I didn’t mean to be that in love. So here we go with a couple of more shots!

And let me finish with my preferred photo. “We are actually nothing in this world. Nature is everything.”

We are just little pieces in a big world.

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