The old city of Prague


First time visiting Prague and I’ve considered the possibility to shoot mostly in black&white because the weather was snowy and really promising for this type of photography.

What’s interesting about this old city?

Capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia, it is now home to a number of famous cultural attractions such as the Prague Castle, Old Town Square with the Prague astronomical clock and the Jewish Quarter.

The city is home to 1.3 million people, but every year it receives more than 8.5 millions tourists.


An interesting fact, tourists may not find the usual horse rides in winter, but they may be intrigued by a particular ride with those old-styled cars.


Don’t forget to walk on Charles Bridge, which is coming from the early 14th century (1357) and it was standing as the only connection between the city and the castle until 1841.


Not much more info for this time, because I need to explore this city a bit better. Time was limited, but hey, it is worth a trip back!