That was truly an epic round the world. Get hyped with this video and these stats and consider to do one as well.


61535 km traveled in 22 flights taken – around 1.5 times the world circumference (average of 1 flight every 4 days);

10513 average daily steps: totaling 914000+ over the 87 days period;

6259 photos taken, 2210 processed and saved for later use (28.8 gigabyte of photographic material);

5420 km driven over 19 days (averaging 284 km per day) with 3 different rented cars (left and right hand drive);

5100 metres asl was the maximum elevation reached by walking (Rainbow mountain), while -33mt under sea level was the deepest point reached (Huahine scuba diving);

584 videos shot totaling 161 gigabyte of video material;

212 minutes of drone flight time totaling 33 flights (highest at 4783 mt asl);

87 days: 3rd Sept 2019-28th November 2019;

27 nights spent outside of a structure of which 17 in a car/campervan, 3 in a bus and 7 in airplane;

12 chocolate bars eaten;

11 countries: Turkey, Tanzania, Thailand, Cambodia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, United States, Peru’, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina;

10.2 kg was the weight of the photographic equipment including also PC and tripod;

6 continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North America, South America);

5 new phone numbers: Thai, Cambodian, Kiwi, Peruvian, Uruguayan;

2 people;

1 Epic Round The World;

Countless memories. 


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