Bangkok, the 8 millions + people city, thriving and buzzing with all its lights, traffic and foods, was the second stop of this Round the World tour. What’s about this city?


The colours, the skyline, the food, the people. Everything is about this gigantic travelers hub mixing different stories, cultures and dreams.

Rationalized chaos rules this city. Laws seem to be for tourists only; locals obey to something else: a common sense of sharing the same space, just with less average space available for each person than Westerners.


But who cares, when your food is SO GOOD, you can put up with a lot of stuff. Indeed, Thai street food is really something you will need to try at least once in your life. Ok, spoiler alert: crocs taste like chicken.


Bangkok is definitely famous for its nightlife, from Khao San Road (pic above) to the picturesque streets hosting go-go bars. However there is something else that is as common as a beer throughout Bangkok: the color gold.

Throughout most of the Buddhist religious sites (and also most of the pics above and below), gold is present. From the Royal Palace to the (huge) reclining Buddha’s statue everything is shining in the sun (and in the rain).

Oh yes, because when it rains, it rains so hard that it is difficult to figure out where to go. Maybe a golden sparkle will light your way up. Or maybe it was a thunder. Monsoons season at its finest.

And to conclude this historical/lifelike Bangkok quick explorations, some more “golden related” shots.

Next destination -> CAMBODIA!

Stay tuned for more!


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