True story: with its 5,895 metres asl it is not only one of the highest dormant volcanoes, but also the highest mountain in Africa and part of the prestigious Seven Summits list.


Being considered one of the most famous (and accessible) peaks in the world, there are a lot of hikers that are trying to get to the summit. Hikers, not climbers, because there are different routes that, despite the length, they don’t have a lot of difficulties (apart from the height, obviously).

Generally, you need between 5 and 8 days back and forth the 34km to reach the peak and to come back. It is recommended to take your time especially when you cross the 3,500 mt asl mark in order to acclimatize with the altitude.


A lot of people decide to take their route up one particular route, called Marangu. This is also the one we decided to do in order to experience a bit of this magic African mountain.

SPOILER – the hike is really expensive because of 1) national park fees and 2) you need to hire a guide + porters for the entire duration of your stay. For 2 people trekking, you may walk with 4 to 11 people, all of them working for you depending on the route you take.

That’s why we did only one leg of the 5 days journey until Mandara Hut – with our guide Peter and in order to support our tour we used these guys – Taste of Afrika (really recommended).

We walked around 9km till Mandara Hut and the Maundi Crater that once was containing water nearby and came back.

But what it is really worth the cost is that on the way up you will find other people who most probably are coming down or going up the Kili, you may share stories and you are going to walk in a luscious tropical forest!

A quick note: if you hope to get incredible views of the Kili from this short trek, you are wrong. Most of the time the mountain is covered by clouds during the day but generally every day, from 6 to 7pm, the sky will clear and let you admire Uhuru Peak and the snow around it. Like this:

And if you are lucky enough to stay in Moshi for some more days, search for an hotel that has several floors and maybe a terrace. You may be lucky enough to get this kinda views.


Hope you have appreciated this, our stay in Tanzania is now over. Cheers to Mama Africa, one last night.



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