[VIDEO] Kürnbergerwald Trailrun

Hey! This is my first video post of a trailrun! This because I’ve upgraded my gear quite a bit since last time – a new GoPro Hero 6 Black and a stabilizer FeyuTech SPG plus 3-axis.

Well, this was an enormous improvement since the last GoPro and there we go!

The trail itself is quite challenging in the first 2.5km, where it starts with a steep incline. But after you reach the top, you have a very nice single trail descending path.


After 8km there is also a very technical single track, that you can take really fast – while enjoying the surroundings. It’s 12km long and you may do around 550/600 mt of ascent (I’ve done more because i was lost at a certain point!)

More info and a map, you can find it here!

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