During the last two months I have traveled a couple of times in Germany and I had the occasion to visit two times Berlin. Now, if i say Berlin, what comes to your mind? 


The Brandenburger Tor, perhaps?


Or the Berlin Wall? Anything else?


The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe? And yes, I hope everybody knows that this is not a labyrinth for instagram purposes but a structure with a way deeper meaning, without a common interpretation.


And the Berlin Television Tower. Berlin is all of these. But actually Berlin is way more.


Berlin is Postdamer Platz.


Berlin is a run on the canals between Kreuzberg and Neukölln and then a beer in one of the many local places that have some seats outside in the area.


Berlin is a car parked since WWII ended.


Berlin is commuting with the widest variety of culture and people you can ever meet.


Berlin is more alive by night than by day.

Visit Berlin, feel Berlin.



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