The Garden of Azaleas, also known as Viatori Park, was realized by the homonymous owner, with the aim of creating a garden on the model of nineteenth-century English gardens.

Over the years, 500 varieties of azaleas, with a prevalence of Azalea Japonica, 150 varieties of rhododendrons coming from all over the world, over 300 types of rare roses (both ancient and modern), 50 varieties of camellias and 120 of magnolias, mostly coming from the Lord Peter Smithers and Van Veen collections of Lugano, have been collected. Photos below depict some of the most beautiful magnolias of the garden.


Challenging Gorizia’s climate, which is not suitable for growing azaleas, and reclaiming the soil, Professor Viatori has created a real park of wonders, making an artificial pond on a pre-existing Second World War bomb crater.

The area also comprises a wide selection of spireas and many other “background” species that complete the various scenes created thanks to the “gardener’s” imagination, culture, technique and passion.

Credits to Turismo FVG for this article

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