This is what I call a completely new website! Still on the way but almost done! A more interactive, responsive and functional website. A more active way of viewing the best shots and more user-friendly interface. All of this thanks to WordPress (such incredible tool – migrated here from Blogger)! I am super-excited to present you some new sections:

  • A traveller’s experience: here, there will be the best articles for each country I have visited so far. Maybe, the best photos, maybe the most touching article, maybe a video.
  • Archives: now it’s not only the whole archive, but also divided by continent, country, nation (and even region), I’ve been into!
  • Zeitgeist: (inside the archives section) don’t miss this new one there. My promise is to have at the end of every year all my photos or/and video in one last video. The 2013 is in progress (I missed last year) and the 2014 will be on time. Of course, the 31st December!
  • Socials: oh yes, those buttons up there in the left corner mean that I’ve got all those socials. So please follow, likes, share, whatever!
  • Videos: enjoy the completely renewed videos area if you want a bit of action!

But what is this blog about? Photos! So, because I was missing some of them – here we go with the first tranche: Mont-Saint-Michel! Enjoy!

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