Garden Route – The Road

There are times in your life, when all what you need to do is taking your car and going somewhere.

It isn’t really important where, it is important to drive along the endless roads you will find, right one after the other. Listening to musics, watching changing landscapes, making choices about different directions: that’s all you have been looking for.
The effort in those situation is not to remain awake. Indeed you are too much awake, you are thinking more than usual. The real effort is to not be detached from reality.
But you cannot drive for the whole life. After a while driving/thinking, you will just realize the need to breathe, stop, explore the surroundings. Hence you stop.
And you discover a whole new world. A natural world, made by shores, mountains, cities, people.
Those places are so beautiful you wish you were living there, but you know you were made a bit different.
After having experienced a while those feelings, having had some good times and having met some people, you know you cannot really stop there because The Road is calling, again.
And when The Road calls, you cannot wait. If you have already started this journey, you know this.
But why am I writing The Road in capital letter? This because road can have two different meanings: the known and the unknown. People are using the road to come back home, the road to go to the supermarket and so on. But people are also using The Road when they want to go somewhere else. To discover a place they didn’t know before.
And when people are using The Road, they are wondering what they will find at the end of it, maybe an idea, maybe a person, maybe an animal. Or maybe two.
And during these thoughts while driving, maybe you will realize that it is time to fly high or go down. Travelling faster with a plane might be an option.
Still you will never be able to see that small signal, pointing the entrance of some beautiful caves on the side of The Road. Which seems a good stop for a moment. Actually, a stop worth at least few breathtaking seconds inside those caves where there are stalagmites and stalactites older than 1 billion years.
You may say, “will you be tired of travelling? aren’t you coming back at home?”. Yes, obviously, coming back to what you define home is essential in order to enjoy the differences between your life at home and your life on The Road.
But after a while that you will be travelling, you will start to think that you will never see everything.
The more you follow The Road, the more you will realize how big is this world and how many things you can do.
The more you follow The Road, the more you will need to continue to follow it.
When you start to follow The Road, you will never stop wandering.

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