Cape Town: a city that is moving its first steps toward a great future.

First of all I have to tell you that I have decided to come back on what this blog was meant for: not only as a phototravel blog, but also an “experienced” journal. This is why I am going to write some opinions, quotes, thoughts under every of the next posts I will publish.
Said this, here it comes the first real post:
I have been and lived in several places during my life, but Cape Town has really surprised me. It has been almost 3 weeks since I arrived here, enough for starting to learn some things about this place.

There is something bad and something good in this place.
For example, South Africa is 6 times the world average of murder rate.
But South Africa is also one of the countries with the cleanest tap water in the world.
There are people working all night long as parking marshal for 2 rand (15 eurocent) and people with a 32-meters-long yacht. There is crime and violence in certain areas, but Cape Town has been elected as the World Design Capital of 2014. There are high security fences, cameras and armed response signals everywhere, even on the beaches, but the number of immigrants has doubled in this fast-evolving city during the last years.
Certainly criminality is a serious issue here. This is not what has really surprised me though. The mentality and the energy of the population which is living here are something incredible. People tend to be lot more social and full of hope than other places. They really believe there is something good they can do for their country (in my opinion something that is really missing in Italy right now). And most of those people are youngsters, which have also the energy to fulfill their dreams.
This is Cape Town: a city full of energy, a city that can grow a lot, a city that lives.
PS: Ok, listen, I know that pics are not really fine-tuned with what I have written, but I had to publish these and I had that thoughts. Enjoy!

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