Changing the vision of how humanity see the world, Expo is the world exhibition of 192 country pavilions and it is hosted in Dubai. Due to the world pandemic, it was postponed by 1 year and will run till the 31st March 2022.

So what’s up with the expo and what are the pavilions you should not miss?

PRO TIP #1: if you consider visiting it, use the app my expo to use the “smart booking” function and book certain pavilions even the day before;

PRO TIP #2: try to be there during a working day, starting in the morning. You may end up visiting >25 pavilions if you are lucky!

Al Wasl Dome: after the main entrance, the first part you will end up visiting is the big central dome, the heart center of the whole Expo. The photos don’t get the full impression but well, give it a look!

United Arab Emirates: after the dome, you can start to move and explore some of the most interesting pavilions, departing from the UAE one (smart booking helps a lot here). Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the host nation’s pavilion was informed by the shape of a falcon’s wing and it can be open or closed in 3 minutes!

Saudi Arabia: UAE’s neighbours didn’t want to appear less and that’s why their pavilion is also one of the most interesting, encompassing a mix of shapes and technology that play with each other throughout the whole journey.

United Kingdom: it was designed to display an AI-generated poem across its facade.

Singapore: a plant based pavilion also named like a “three-dimensional garden”, the building has a series of raised walkways that wrap around three plant-covered cones.

Switzerland: named Reflections (and you can guess why), the attention-grabbing Swiss Pavilion has a facade that acts as a giant mirror, which reflects the giant red entrance carpet.

United States: a bit excessive (they brought a rocket) but hey, that’s the US vibes.

Italy: topped with three boat hulls – coloured green, white and red to match the Italian flag – and surrounded by a curtain made from 70 kilometres of recycled plastic rope, the Italian pavilions contains several part of the history and the future of my country.

Finland: it was built around a calm, timber-lined space where people can escape the bustle of the expo.

Brazil: enjoying a bit of relax after a long day of walking by putting your feet in some water sometimes is exactly what you need.
came here when you walked a lot and you need a bit of refresh

Russia: the russian pavilion is not one of the best inside, but from the outside the colors are astonishing. Well deserved recognition for this colorful line game.

South Korea: home to some very interesting VR technology, the pavilion is also one of the best to visit by night, because of its views (PRO TIP #4)

This list is definitely not exhaustive but at least I hope it could give a bit of an interesting insights in what you can see at expo 2020! Therefore, let me give you also some more ideas of what you could find.

Thanks for your read and see you soon!

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