It was a great Giro, full of epic stories and nearly supernatural people. I am always really happy to be part of whatever stage I could travel to, and this time it was the turn of Stage #15 – Grado -> Gorizia. This meant I could see all the peloton not only once, but twice.

Can you think about it? Egan Bernal, the 104th Maglia Rosa of Giro d’Italia, casually strolling at 50+km/h throughout the town centre of San Lorenzo Isontino.

That was so great, that I was definitely not the only one hyper excited for this occasion.

And, after a bit of waiting time, the peloton arrived!

Just dropping also some good team car pictures, in case somebody is interested in these details as well 🙂

Was that it? Nope! As I said, this was special, because the arrival was set in Gorizia – only 10km away from my spot in San Lorenzo, but the group was supposed to do a tour around Slovenia before entering to the arrival. This gave me enough time to get to the arrival!

Here the weather was trickier, with a (consistent) shower just before the first 2 cyclers arrived to the final 100meters. And yes, we witnessed Campenaerts’ win. Below you can clearly see his ferocious stare just before overtaking the opponent, after taking his airstream.

Also, a honour mention to the following group.

Want to see the highlights of this stage? Check them out here!

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