Want to have a feeling of winter wonderland during Christmas time? Ask for nothing more: a short, nearly no elevation 6km round in Bad Leonfelden will get you all the snowy Christmas feeling you need!

Interesting ah? And you just need to bring some waterproof shoes – the round is very well maintained and you most probably will not need snow shoes! This was a great idea in order to spend Boxing day far from home due to restrictions!

Name: Erlebnisweg Moorwald

Difficulty: Very Easy – just a walk in the woods

Terrain: forest and well maintained terrain

Duration: 2h max

Distance & Elevation: 6k & 150hm

To do before/to bring:

  • just some water resistant shoes

Walking in a snowy forest is just as stunning as getting out of it and enjoying some stunning landscapes!

But still, within the forest you can find a pond (iced) and some woodworks. Which indeed, they play gently below the soft snow.

We enjoyed so much we kept on walking after the forest 🙂

Wishing you a great Christmas and an awesome End of 2020 – waiting for Zeitgeist!

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