Another Austrian adventure, up among the famous Salzkammergut mountains, in an idyllic scenario with two of the best kept secrets of Austria: Vorderen and Hinteren Langbathsee.

Hinterer Langbathsee from the Sky

Name: Langbathsee Runde

Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: forest, few rocks and gravel around the lake

Duration: 4h-5h back and forth depending on the fitness level

Distance: around 11km

To do before/to bring:

  • water (at least 2lt per person in a very sunny day)
  • hiking boots / trail running shoes – not necessary heavy boots
  • ticks repellent
We decided to go up straight and reach only after the lakes.

After parking the car nearby the Wirtshaus Grossalm, we decided to start our hike in the strongest way – all up till the maximum elevation point. We have even passed through such area where it was unclear if a storm or the human passed by. But suddenly, we were greeted by the view of the lake.

Yop, that was quite a view indeed. From the highest point, we moved toward the lake itself, hence our descent under the greenest trees I have ever seen, started.

Interestingly, when we reached the lake part, there were some people but not as many as we would have expected and hence, we enjoyed a bit of quality time (and quality shoots).

Central focal point of Nature

It wasn’t the longest or most strenuous hike I have ever done, but was definitely worth it to relax a bit.

Yop, see you to the next one!

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