Have some spare time in Austria and you don’t know if hiking is the best solution? Maybe you are up for swimming in a lake? Why can’t you do both?

Yes, nearby Attersee, Salzburg area, there are many hikes that can combine the pleasure of walking together with the lake vibe. So we can start with one of the most famous path.

Name: Schoberstein (from Weißenbach am Attersee)

Difficulty: Moderate

Terrain: forest, rocks and some exposed path nearby the summit

Duration: 2.5-4h back and forth depending on the fitness level

Distance: around 7km

To do before/to bring:

  • water (at least 2lt in a very sunny day)
  • hiking boots – quite helpful in the exposed area
  • some food
  • gloves/hiking sticks if you don’t want to get your hands dirty



View from the Summit

Starting from the nearest parking in town you will have an easy start compared to what will be up next. You will have an elevation gain of around 600 mt in less than 3km, hence be prepared to rock your legs muscles!


Toward the end of the hike, you will start to get some incredible views over Attersee and the valley around Schoberstein peak. Be sure to not miss some incredible spots around the peak, just roam around and you will find some views like this one!


A view of Attersee

For more info and a detailed map of the hike, you can check the map here.

If you feel brave and powerful enough, you can also continue your hike toward the second peak, but here it goes up to “difficult” because there are some more technical passages – check out this hike toward the Mahdlgupf.

Coming down will not be super easy, because of all the rocks and the almost technical passages you will need to do, but then, make sure to stop by one of the many Attersee spots to refresh yourself and have a nice swim in the blue lake!


To the next one!




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