Let me introduce this article by creating the proper atmosphere. Click here and let music flows in the background. 

Now, please imagine yourself in a golden, sumptuous dancing saloon dressed in elegant, a bit posh and richly decorated late 1800 dress. Image you are discussing important matters with fine scientists like the number of continents in the world (7) or dancing on the notes that are playing in the background in front of the Emperor Franz Joseph I and the Empress Sissi.

Isn’t this living a dream?

This is Vienna and the majesty this city can inspire you while you are walking through it. It is really hard, but if you want, the city itself can help you to obtain the perfect weekend:

  • You can play with its contrasts (Rathaus)


  • You can get astonished by its impressive buildings (Burgtheater)


  • You can become Emperor or Empress for one day (Schönbrunn Palace)


  • You can get on the top of the highest tower and “own” Vienna (Donaturm – Danube Tower)
  • You can eat a Wiener Schnitzel – yes, this dish is coming from here and there are no photos proving it, but hey – it was so good there was no time for photos.

While waiting for the next city – let’s raise our wine glasses!



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