What do you actually know about Great White Sharks?

So, this is a million dollar question: what do you actually know about Great White Sharks?

– they can grow till 6.4 meters – TRUE – an adult female can grow even more – but not as films like MEGASHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS;
– they can weight more than 2 tons – TRUE – again, female are much bigger than adult male.
– they can live up to 30 years – TRUE – they become adult around the age of 15, while the shark depicted in this post are all no more than 3-6 years old. You can discover the age of the shark only at his death, looking into the bones and the number of circles it has (as the trees).

– they are aggressive – FALSE – they are just a LOT curious. But how can they satisfy their curiosity? They cannot really touch things, hence a little bite sometimes is due.
– they like human meat – FALSE – hell no, they don’t like us! We’re full of bones, too hard to digest for them. But because they don’t know us, they have to check what we are.
– they bite surfers for eating them – FALSE – as per point above – curious sharky!

– they can speed up to 56 km/h – TRUE – they’re a Mercedes Kompressor , but they can reach that speed just for a very short amount of time. No cardio for Sharky!
– they fight with seals  – TRUE – a well-deserved meal comes only after great efforts!
– and seals actually bite them – TRUE – the shark is going deep and he tries to catch the seal while surfacing at the top speed (and that’s why we see flying sharks). But if they miss it, the seal has much more resistance than the sharks and she swims nearby the tail of sharky, actually biting it.

– They come nearby the shore to eat people – FALSE – they come nearby because the water temperature is a bit warmer than the open ocean (ideally between 15-20°Celsius) and because the oxygen level in the water is higher.
– There are no sharks in your area because there is a guy who is watching and protecting you – FALSE – probably around muizenberg, when 2-3k people are going into the water, there are at least 10 different sharks nearby and they are just swimming in between the people. They are not attacking you because you’re moving, and you’re big – this means that you’re dangerous for them.
– They are the most deadliest animal in the oceans – FALSE – as regards this title, check the Box jellyfish, and then we can speak about it. Otherwise for number of death check here.
– You’ve got more chance to get bitten by Luis Suarez than by a shark – TRUE – no seriously, it’s totally true. Considering the number of matches and bites of Suarez, is 1 in 2000. Bitten by a shark is 1 in 2808 – check it here.
You know that the Western Australia Gov. has promoted the “Shark attack prevention program” – which actually means “yo mate, let’s kill every single shark is coming nearby our shores!”. They have ended up killing hundreds of bull and tiger sharks, obviously with many protests.
Dont let them die. Great Whites are magnificient animals. You should help to protect and preserve them.

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