Last post of an Adventure.

This is the last post of an adventure. The best adventure I could ever imagine. The best adventure of my entire life.

This is not to say that there will not be better adventures in my life. I want only to say that till now, it was just what I needed.
Finding totally new people from all over the world with a great mixture of cultures and ideas, understand what means building a life from nothing 16000 km far from home, explore wonderful places.
All this made ​​me realize many things about what I want to do and what I want to be, what I want from life and what are my dreams. I will do everything I can to realize them. Anything is possible if you believe that you can do it.
Being in Australia for 5 months now, because of the people I met, because of the places I visited, because of the experiences that I felt, now, was just what I needed.
What I needed to be a better person.
And I guess that everyone I’ve met, everyone is feeling the same things.
Just one last thing. Guys, no matters where you live, in Usa, in Japan, in Norway or in Australia.

Distances aren’t as long as life.

With a smile on the lips and eyes a little shiny I would say
Thanks guys,
Thanks, Aussieland.


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